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Meet The Team – Sarah McCormack

Meet The Team – Sarah McCormack

Meet The Team – Sarah McCormack 552 428 Capitalflow

Sarah is Capitalflow’s Credit Administrator. She has more than 10 years of experience, and joined the credit team in 2017. Sarah hails originally from Cavan, and is Mum to 3 young children, Grace aged 2, Finn aged 3, and Max aged 6, making her, not only one very busy lady, but an adept multi-tasker.

On graduating from UCD, Sarah found her first job in GE, where she started off in a sales support role. She moved onto the role of account manager in the company, finally ending up in the credit department underwriting for Asset Finance, where she excelled. Credit, according to Sarah is a great fit for her as she particularly enjoys the investigative side of the role – which she says is probably her nosey streak, though she does prefer to use the term inquisitive!

Sarah married her childhood sweetheart Damien, also from Cavan, and after four years in GE, Sarah assumed a position in Halifax, back in her hometown of Cavan, where the couple embarked on their family life, with baby Max arriving in 2012, followed by Finn in 2015 and Grace in 2016.

In 2017, Damien was offered an exciting job opportunity in Dublin, that the couple jumped at, and they took the decision to move the family from Cavan, to nearer Dublin.

Sarah says “when we made the decision to move, we didn’t think too long on it, we decided we’d make the move and see how it went, and luckily everything fell into place from there,  We both still have family in Cavan – I’m one of 11, so we do visit home a lot with the kids, though the kids home is Meath now. The only real downside is accepting the fact that the kids are Meath supporters”.

Sarah, who has always been a working mum, jumped at the chance to join Capitalflow when she heard the company were recruiting, and has slotted in seamlessly to the credit team. Though, having worked with some of the team previously has helped enormously.

“So much in life is about timing, I’m really happy with the way things have turned out – I knew people who worked at Capitalflow who were very happy there, so I jumped at the chance when the role  became available, and I was lucky enough to get the job in Capitalflow quite quickly. It’s quite a unique company, with a start up mentality so there is no sense of division between the teams or the senior and junior roles. The feeling is that we are all working to create something here, and we all have our parts to play in that. Maybe it’s as simple as that we enjoy coming to work. There is no room for egos around here and that’s quite refreshing.

Balancing a full-time demanding role, in such a fast-growing company can’t be easy, especially with such a young family, Sarah says; “Obviously things are very busy with 3 young children at home, but I really love working and feel lucky that I have the supports around me, such as a hands-on husband, a great childminder and a flexible boss and company, without all of these, I just couldn’t do it”.