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Cash to Grow your business

With asset finance — leasing, hire purchase, and re-financing — Capitalflow can give you immediate access to new assets and unlock the inherent value in your existing ones, meaning you’ll have the cash to grow your business.

What is it?

Leasing and Hire Purchase

Capitalflow’s leasing and hire purchase services will allow you to spread the cost of an asset over a fixed period, freeing up cash flow you need to grow.

With our leasing service, we buy the asset – new or used – and lease it to you over a fixed period, usually 12-84 months, at a fixed price schedule tailored to your business needs.


When you re-finance with Capitalflow, you will be able to free up cash flow from the value of your assets. We buy your asset, giving you cash for expenses and investment, and you keep using the asset. We can even arrange re-financing for assets that are still subject to existing finance arrangements with other companies.

Financed Assets

Typical assets (new and used) that we finance:

Commercial Vehicles

Light commercial vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

Buses and coaches

Construction/Yellow Plant

Dump trucks

Industrial and other equipment

Printing and reprographic
Quarry equipment
Forestry equipment
Waste and recycling
Agriculture machinery

Material handling equipment


Business assets and capital equipment

Catering and leisure
Security equipment

Application for Finance

NOTICE: Under the Credit Reporting Act 2013 lenders are required to provide personal and credit information for credit applications and credit agreements of €500 and above to the Central Credit Register. This information will be held on the Central Credit Register and may be used by other lenders when making decisions on your credit applications and credit agreements.


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